The other Actor Model

It's interesting what people do when making an app. UX is critical to the implementation of an application and in my very rare spare time, we'll over the last 20 years I'd been working on an app designed to help runners.

So what I did in order to make sure that I understood the space better is that I started running again, I became certified as an athletics (or Track if you're from the US) coach.

I was tweeting today that I thought that this is my normal way of being. Doing some more looking around it appears that it is from Alan Coopers work which you can read some information on his persona work here

I've created personas in many projects that I work with and every time they have worked out extremely well. If you get a chance to read some of Cooper's books, I'd recommend the latest version of About Face as it includes mobile related content and if you're a manager or executive, check out The inmates are running the asylum.

Until the next posting