Sometimes it rains a lot in the cloud

Wow, the blog is back online. Interesting story but the cloud provider I used to host my blog on told me that they were expiring my hardware and that I had to move all my stuff to another machine.

It was the most un-cloud like statement I have heard from them. Rob Gibbens, one of my colleagues who runs his blog at on Ghost suggested that running the blog on Azure is the way he does it, and is the way to go, so here it is.

Here is my disclaimer though: I do work for Microsoft as part of the Xamarin acquisition. I like working there and there are so many reasons why. The technology is great and Xamarin and the Hololens are my favourite things tech wise, so that's probably what I'll be blogging on at the moment. I also like working there because of what I can do for my favourite charity The Smith Family which mirrors what someone nice did for me many years ago and I will never forget it.

So here is Blog version 3.0 and it will contain my thoughts and ramblings on Tech things.